Caroline Blackmore

Caroline Blackmore joined the CSO cello section in 2004 in her last year at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School as part of an Apprentice Programme in conjunction with the Christchurch Youth Orchestra.

A year later, to Caroline’s delight, she was appointed a position and has been a regular player for the past decade. 
Caroline learnt to play the piano at age five and then also started learning trumpet and cornet at age 7. It was not until age 10 that she began learning her third instrument, the cello.

She began cello tuition first with Charlotte Hayes (former CSO player) and then Galyna Zelinska (Principal Cellist, CSO). Caroline enjoyed a busy musical life during her schooling years playing cello and trumpet/cornet in a variety of groups and also singing.

Caroline studied at the University of Canterbury where she completed a Bachelor of Music in Performance Cello (tuition from Edith Salzmann) and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology - Industrial and Organisational (I/O).

Recently, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in I/O Psychology with Massey University and is now a registered I/O Psychologist.

Currently, she works full time in Human Resources with Richmond Services Ltd and continues her passion for music performing in the CSO (cello), Christchurch Bicycle Band (cornet) and Woolston Brass (cornet and singing). In her spare time, she is also works part-time for Woolston Brass as their Marketing and Sponsorship Manager.

Caroline is passionate about her family and friends, music and the arts, people, wellbeing, lifelong learning and the city of Christchurch.