Second Violin

Cornelia Didenco

Cornelia was born in Moldova and she has played violin since she was 7 years old. She graduated from the Moldovian Conservatorium in 1992 after which she became part of the Moldovian Symphony Orchestra.

In 2001, she and her family moved to New Zealand where she became a member of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. 

She also performed in chamber groups. One of her most interesting playing experiences was being part of the L’Estro Armonico leaded by Oleg Kotorovych. 

She is currently a violin teacher in several schools and she coaches a few chamber groups at the Christchurch School of Music. Recently, she has taken interest in playing traditional Moldovian folk music and has performed a few solo concerts with Veronica Van Der Knaap.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing in the Musica Balkanica choir which includes a variety of traditional Balkan songs but her favourite part of the day is spending time with her 8 year old son and getting involved with his extra-curricular activities.

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