CSO Foundation

The CSO Foundation Trust, created in 1994, is dedicated to securing the future of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

The Foundation is independent of the CSO Trust which governs the CSO but works in close harmony with the board to support the orchestra.

The CSO Foundation Trust is registered with the Charities Commission and gifts to the Foundation may be tax deductible in accordance with taxation legislation.

Gifts to the Foundation of any size will make a difference to securing the future of music in Christchurch and the South Island. Please consider making the CSO Foundation Trust a beneficiary of your estate and leave a musical legacy for the orchestra.

  • Major Projects +

    The Foundation has three major projects.

    • The Foundation’s vision is to grow the endowment fund to a sufficient size that the income derived, after reinvestment to maintain the capital base, provides the orchestra with supplementary funding from time to time.
    • Providing a permanent home for the orchestra in Christchurch in conjunction with the artistic plan for our rebuilt city.
    • Purchasing instruments the orchestra needs.

    The Foundation is the proud supporter of CSO Concertmaster Martin Riseley. 

  • Contact Details +

    For further information please contact the CSO Office (03) 943 7797 or email office@cso.co.nz

    Dame Adrienne Stewart, QSM, LLD (Hons)
    E  adrienne.stewart@masthead.co.nz