Naomi Hnat

Naomi has been playing in the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra since 2011. Her other orchestral adventures have included playing in the National Youth Orchestra and Southern Sinfonia. 

Naomi loves teaching cello, which she does both privately and at several schools and programmes throughout the city. She is also a passionate singer and is a member of the Christchurch Youth Choir and the Kolbe Singers.

Naomi has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in psychology and is currently undertaking postgraduate study in the field of educational psychology with the aim of becoming an educational psychologist.

Naomi loves playing and listening to many different musical styles. In particular, she draws inspiration from classically trained artists who have captivated new audiences through their creative crossover accomplishments in the pop world, such as 2CELLOS and Regina Spektor. Other than music and education, her interests include languages, travel, and good food.