Tuesday 28th May

Karawhiua! Let's Play! at Spreydon School

The sounds of drums, triangles, shakers and tambourines resounded in Spreydon School’s hall as the students rehearsed their performance piece about Matariki for the showcase concert on Friday. 

Over the course of the week, all the students of the school have been working with five CSO musicians on a number of projects as a part of the Karawhiua! Let’s Play! residency programme.

Each class had a different project that they were practising for the final concert. They included learning about the stars of Matariki and performing a piece of music with tambourines, shakers, tī rākau sticks and recorders used in creative ways to represent the different stars of the constellation. They also learned about Captain Cook’s voyages to New Zealand through song and actions, and the first encounters between Europeans and Māori in a piece that put together the traditional Māori song E Papa and a minuet composed by Mozart. They learned how to play different notes on the violin, created a soundscape for a story about a Dinosaur stomp, and learned how to read music to play a drum fugue.

For some of the students, this was the first time they had seen a musical instrument like a viola, double bass and clarinet, and it was also the first time they’d played an instrument.

“They have been really excited. I think a lot of the children might have seen the instruments on TV or books but they didn’t get the chance to play them,” said Spreydon School teacher Annie Blaikie. "They're always asking when it's time to go back to the hall for their lesson [with the CSO members]." The school was very excited to be able to offer the students an opportunity to explore and develop new interests, she added. 

One of the students, who was participating in the violin class, had never played the violin before and came into the hall to practise during break times. He said he might like to continue playing after the residency week was over.

Karawhiua! Let’s Play! residencies are Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom and are supported by the Ministry of Education. The CSO would also like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Beca for our Community Engagement Programme.