Wednesday 26th June

Karawhiua! Let's Play! residency at Westport South school

The students of Westport South School filled their classrooms with music this week when musicians from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra came to town. 

The four musicians worked with all year groups in the school on various music projects throughout the week as part of the CSO’s Karawhiua! Let’s Play! residency programme.  The projects included learning about the stars of Matariki and performing a piece of music with water, tambourines, shakers, tī rākau sticks and recorders used in creative ways to represent the different stars of the constellation. They also learned about Captain Cook’s voyages to New Zealand through song and actions. Other students read music and performed a drum fugue on buckets, and also learned a protest song about climate change.

Westport South School teacher Anita Fairweather said that the school “jumped” at the opportunity for the students to work with professional musicians. “With our busy curriculum, teachers often feel that Music is an area we don’t get to give the coverage it deserves. “

“Being fairly remote here in the Buller, we don’t often get opportunities to experience this level and quality of expertise, especially in the Music area.  We are hoping that through this exposure and with passionate tutors, our students may be inspired to explore Music further, even as a potential career opportunity.”

Each year, the school puts on a production or prevue and Fairweather said she was interested to see how working with the CSO musicians would increase their confidence in performing.

At the end of the week, the students came together to perform in a showcase concert, sharing what they had learned during the week with their whānau and the wider school community.

The CSO’s Karawhiua! Let’s Play! residency programme is a Learning Experience Outside the Classroom and is supported by the Ministry of Education. It is also supported by the CSO’s Community Engagement Major Partner, Beca.