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  • Feb, 14, 2019

    Sparks a first for young Christchurch percussionist

    (From left: Ezra Samy, Tony Setu and Joel Leka, of Shirley Boys High) 

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  • Nov, 12, 2018

    Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Pictures at an Exhibition - Review (Radio New Zealand)

    Reviewed by Tony Ryan

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  • Nov, 11, 2018

    Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Review (The Press)

    Reviewed by Patrick Shepherd

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  • Oct, 21, 2018

    Community Engagement: October Update

    Coming up in Community Engagement, we are looking forward to hosting our annual Conducting Workshop with CSO Chief Conductor Benjamin Northey on 8th November from 1pm to 4pm in the CSO r

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  • Sep, 28, 2018

    Meet Our New Orchestra Manager

    Meet our new Orchestra Manager, Luke Christiansen. We caught up with him to have a chat about what an orchestra manager does, what are the challenges and highlights, and what's on his playlist.

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  • Sep, 27, 2018

    Community Engagement - September Update

    Busking in the Christchurch Bus Exchange, taking part in workshops, performing for each other; these were just some of the things that young musicians took part in during the 2018 Secondary Schools

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  • Sep, 25, 2018

    Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Brothers in Arms - review

    First published on Press.co.nz on 23rd September 2018

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  • Sep, 10, 2018

    CSO Presents: NZ Music of the 80s - Cityscape Magazine review

    First published on Cityscape-christchurch.co.nz on 10th September.  

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  • Sep, 9, 2018

    CSO Presents: NZ Music of the 80s - The Press review

    First published on Press.co.nz on 9th Septemb

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  • Aug, 30, 2018

    Community Engagement Programme - August Update

    August was a busy month for the CSO Community Engagement Programme, starting with a Karawhiua!

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  • Aug, 22, 2018

    Review - Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Myths and Legends

    First published on Press.co.nz on 1

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  • Jul, 26, 2018

    Community Engagement July Update

    Coming up in August, we are delighted to be holding the Courage to Create composition workshop on Sunday 5th Augustm 2-5pm, at the CSO Rehearsal Rooms at 2/4 Klondyke Drive, feat

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  • Jul, 9, 2018

    Review - CSO Presents: The Music of Moana, performed by Te Vaka

    Reviewed by Christopher Moore.

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  • Jun, 26, 2018

    Ask a Musician

    "I'm finishing high school this year and I'm trying to decide what to study in university. I really like music and I'm am thinking about choosing it as my major.

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  • Jun, 19, 2018

    Review - Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Fear and Courage

    Reviewed by Tony Ryan.

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  • May, 30, 2018

    Review - Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Sin City, Golden City

    First published on Press.co.nz on 30th May.

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  • Apr, 26, 2018

    Meet our new Principal Clarinet

    Meet David McGregor, the CSO's Principal Clarinet. We caught up with him and had a chat about music and life in general. 

    What made you decide to study music?

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  • Apr, 23, 2018

    The Life and Times of Kurt Weill

    Dive into the decadent and darkly humorous world of Kurt Weill, spanning the 1920s to the 1940s, from the glitz of Germany’s Weimar Republic to the glittering lights of Broadway.

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  • Apr, 23, 2018

    Review - Beca Artist Series: Shlomo Mintz

    Reviewed by Patrick Shepherd

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  • Mar, 28, 2018

    Review on RNZ - Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Pathétique

    First published on 27th March, 2018 on Radio New Z

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